Saturday, December 23, 2006

Know your BFEE: America’s Ruling Gangster Class

Bush and his cronies have…

    Stacked the Courts to make their actions permissible, from stealing Presidential Elections to using claims of “national security” to cover up their crimes.

    Corrupted the Congress with the influence peddled by the likes of big money, big business, and transnational corporations and their K-Street Project henchmen to the point where lobbyists are the ones who write legislation.

    Ignored Corporate and White Collar crime – from BCCI to the S&L Scandals to Global Crossing to the present day because they ALL are White Collar Criminals, including the crazy monkey’s HARKEN Energy and SPECTRUM 7 Energy.

    Whether from gross criminal negligence to dereliction of duty, Bush, Condescenda Rice, Johnny Ashcan and Company failed to warn the American people and general flying public after receiving warnings of impending Al Quaeda attack on American soil, despite taking actions to protect themselves at the Genoa G-8 summit and by taking government charter instead of commercial carriers in the summer of 2001.

    Hijacked control of the Pentagon and its ships, planes, guns and service men and women to make a most profitable, bloody, let alone illegal, war. And they plan to take it go into perpetuity as The War on Terror, just like their gangster-lubbin’ “War on Drugs.” Read or heard much nice about Iran, lately?

    Ripped off the Treasury to pay for it, most profitably, including the rape of the U.S. working class – the largest group of U.S. Taxpayers – by giving the biggest breaks in history to the monied class, while giving tax breaks to company that shift manufacturing plants and good-paying jobs overseas.

    Co-opted ABCNNBCBS Foul Noise Nutwork and the rest of Corporate McPravda through bribery, intimidation and outright control to paint a picture of America and the world that just ain’s so. Even the White House Press Corpse calls the crazy monkey, “Sir.”

    The result of this concerted criminal effort is the largest transfer of wealth in known history from the working class to Bush and the folks he works for. Oh yeah. On the way, they corrupted respect for the Constitution to the point where the Bill of Rights has been shredded and the emphasis of American governance shifted from We the People to Bush the Unitary Decider.

All that money stolen and all that power gone and what do we have to show for it?

A broken country and a fear filled future, is about it -- a world where we’re led down the primrose path by the likes of GHWB.

You can tell a lot about a crook by the company he or she keeps.

Consider: Grover Norquist, Jack Abramoff and the Republican Tax Dodgers (sorry, redundant) ginned up just about every Repuke on Capitol Hill in every way.

Consider: Kenny Boy Lay and the ENRON Energy Pirates laughed as they bilked little old ladies of their retirement money.

Same goes for traitors. Take Henry Kissinger. Please.

The guy works for an AWOL Combat Dodger in the form of George W Bush (sorry, redundant). So, nothing is beneath him.

So, to show what kind of lower than whale turds people Henry the K, Baby Doc Bush and Poppy Doc are, I introduce Operation CONDOR and its main puppet, one Gen. Augusto Pinochet.

Pinochet and Poppy. "R" Peas in Pod.

What one did in Chile, the other did in the United States of America.

Both were helped by Henry Kissinger.

It was Kissinger who said about the coup that toppled the democratically elected government of Chile and the assassination of its president, Salvadore Allende:


“I don't see why we need to stand by and watch a country go communist due to the irresponsibility of its own people. The issues are much too important for the Chilean voters to be left to decide for themselves.”


Wow. Pretty powerful contempt for the United States and everything it stands for in that statement.

That attitude probably is easy to rub off on others, if the price is right.


Too much blood: Kissinger and Pinochet

By Lucy Komisar

I recently got hold of a declassified memorandum about Henry Kissinger's only meeting with Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. The meeting occurred on June 8, 1976, in Santiago, and the internal State Department memorandum shows how hard Kissinger tried to shield the Chilean general from criticism and assure him that his human rights violations were not a serious problem as far as the U.S. government was concerned.


The memo describes how Secretary of State Kissinger stroked and bolstered Pinochet, how--with hundreds of political prisoners still being jailed and tortured--Kissinger told Pinochet that the Ford Administration would not hold those human rights violations against him. At a time when Pinochet was the target of international censure for state-sponsored torture, disappearances, and murders, Kis-singer assured him that he was a victim of communist propaganda and urged him not to pay too much attention to American critics.


Then he made clear that the U.S. government was squarely behind Pinochet. "In the United States, as you know, we are sympathetic with what you are trying to do here," Kissinger told Pinochet. "I think that the previous government was headed toward communism. We wish your government well."


Kissinger knew that Pinochet had set up an infamous international terrorist network, Operation Condor, to assassinate his enemies. In 1974, when the CIA discovered that Chile and its allies wanted to set up a covert office in Miami as part of Operation Condor, Kissinger rejected his own State Department officials' advice to publicly protest the plan.

That would have been a warning to prospective victims who had sought safety in exile, but Kissinger opted instead to let the CIA quietly pass on the word to Chile's secret police, the Directorate of National Intelligence (DINA), and the office wasn't opened.

But Operation Condor continued to target and murder Pinochet's enemies. In September 1974, agents assassinated General Carlos Prats, Pinochet's constitutionalist predecessor who had been forced out and had fled to Buenos Aires. The following September, Operation Condor organized the Rome attack that disabled Christian Democratic oppositionist Bernardo Leighton and his wife. Then in September 1976, the operation returned to the United States with a vengeance, planting the car bomb that killed Letelier and his Institute for Policy Studies colleague Ronni Moffitt in Washington.

George Landau, the U.S. ambassador in Paraguay, had warned the CIA that two Chilean agents had been trying to get visas to the United States in Asunción under false names, but the CIA never warned Letelier, a prime target for Pinochet, nor did it act through its agents at other U.S. consulates to block the agents' travel. The U.S. consulate in Santiago issued the killers visas to the United States.



Kissinger once observed, “Chile is a dagger aimed at the heart of Antarctica.” Lots of class, there. Held in the capable hands Kissinger and the BFEE, history shows they aimed the dagger at the United States.


Pinochet is Gone, but His Methods Are Still with Us

A new report collating first-hand accounts gives us the clearest view yet of the torture going on in the US's secret prisons

by Adnan Siddiqui and Victoria Brittain
Published on Wednesday, December 13, 2006 by the Guardian / UK

Torture, secret prisons and disappearances: all feature prominently in the legacy of Augusto Pinochet. It is a matter of great regret that the former Chilean dictator - brought to power in a CIA-backed coup on September 11 1973 - avoided trial for gross abuses of human rights in his ravenous pursuit of power. But it is a matter of even greater regret that the same tools and the same sponsors are back in action today, with the same impunity, as part of the "war on terror" launched after September 11 2001.

When the Bush administration brought 14 of its most highly valued terrorism suspects to Guantánamo Bay from secret prisons in various countries in September, the US president himself acknowledged for the first time the existence of a network of CIA prisons. This was intended to close a chapter that had become embarrassing to Washington. The US practice of illegal kidnapping known as "extraordinary rendition", and the secret detention and torture that was part of it, had - after more than four years - finally become a scandal condemned by many European politicians, UN officials and international lawyers, as well as US-based human-rights groups.

But, as a new report from the British monitoring group Cageprisoners reveals, the men held in Guantánamo Bay are only the tip of the iceberg: thousands more are hidden elsewhere, outside the law. The "war on terror" is taking a terrible toll on Muslim families and societies through a vast programme of secret detention and torture.

Since January 2002, when the first Muslim men were flown from Afghanistan to Guantánamo, an estimated 14,000 men have been held. They have been hidden in prisons, army barracks, holes in the ground, private houses, hotels and schools. Those responsible for them have been in overlapping chains of command, including the US department of defence, the CIA and the national intelligence services of many countries, such as Britain.



Gee. Could it be these people don’t think the vote should apply if We the People elect, say a Democrat? Wonder what they would do if a Liberal Democrat got elected?


U.S. Leaders are Using Pinochet's Playbook

by Peter Kornbluh
Published on Friday, December 9, 2005 by the Baltimore Sun


Under the leadership of the Pinochet regime, Condor became a sophisticated system of multilateral repression. Condor nations shared intelligence and communications through a special cryptographic system provided by Brazil known as Condortel. Agents from one nation would fly to another to organize kidnappings, covert transportation of suspects and brutal interrogations at secret detention centers. Often the Condor victim would be secretly rendered back to his country of origin to another secret torture camp for further interrogation before being killed.


In fact, these joint efforts were acts of state-sponsored international terror. Among their operations, Condor regimes targeted specific individuals for death. A declassified CIA summary noted in 1977 that the Condor nations would "undertake the assassination of allegedly subversive opponents of participating governments residing in Western Europe or Latin America."

In the most infamous of Condor missions, former Chilean Ambassador Orlando Letelier and an American associate, Ronni Moffitt, were killed by a car bomb in downtown Washington in September 1976.


The methods of interrogation also are similar. Condor victims were submitted to what their Southern Cone torturers called "the submarine." Mr. Bush has authorized a series of "enhanced interrogation techniques" that includes "waterboarding" - simulated drowning - which is the CIA's modernized version of the same type of torture.

Even the official denials sound the same. "We do not torture," President Bush stated recently. "The United States government does not authorize or condone torture of detainees," Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice reiterated as she arrived in Europe this week.

In the wake of overwhelming evidence that U.S. officials have authorized, condoned and even committed acts of torture - in some cases torturing prisoners to death in Iraq and Afghanistan - those denials carry about as much credibility as General Pinochet's did during his 17-year dictatorship.



So. That’s a snapshot of America’s Ruling Gangster Class and what they do with money and power and to keep power and get more money.

Please remember, they are unarmed. For peace-loving people, the only real weapon is Truth.