Sunday, August 07, 2005

Know your BFEE: Rev. Sun Myung Moon OWNS Poppy Bush.

Don’t take my word for it. Read The Washington Times. It’s Poppy Bush’s favorite paper, because they pay him so well. Millions, in hundred thousand bills, please.

Even our friends on the right know that.



Well, if the Heritage foundation says it, we better jump up and down like the trained dogs we are.

Did you know The Heritage Foundation has taken funding from The Korean CIA. They welcome Moon's influence. Just like the ENTIRE conservative movement, which has been taken over by religious freaks and fascists.

The party formerly known as "Republican" exists NO MORE.

Moon has one belief, that he is the Messiah. He has one goal, to wrench control of the world.
Put "Bush + Moonies' in your google and read about how the conservatives sold their souls for power to Moon. What a bunch of anti-Jesus frauds. In 1989 US News reported that virtually EVERY conservative group in DC had ties to Moon's organization. Moon literally brags about using The Washington Times to get the chumps to follow him to theo fascist hell, which is where Bush is taking us. Bush IS doing "True Father's" bidding, wittingly or not. No Moon NO Bush. Kinda spooky when you consider Moon said presidents would have to come to him for power. This is true in the republican party, today.

See Jerry Falwell hugging the conservative "savior" Moon here. The conservative leadership sold their souls to Moon and their pod followers have no idea.

Look at this. Can you say HYPOCRITE. That is what conservatives are.


Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church

Dark Side of Rev. Moon

Gee. He’s using all his money to buy gold and land and what sounds like an enormous jungle redoubt, the kind Ian Fleming’s supervillain likes…

And who else built a jungle redoubt in the virgin Paraguayan Amazon?


RIO DE JANEIRO, Oct. 23 (EIRNS) — Rev. Moon's cult has been the subject of a multi-agency, federal and state, national security investigation in Brazil, since at least July 2001.

The investigations were undertaken at the initiative of the Army, because the Moon cult was accumulating enormous, contiguous tracts of land on both sides of the Paraguayan and Brazilian border--in an area very near the Triple Border region (where Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet), notorious for drug, arms and other contraband.

It was estimated back in 2001, that the Moonies had made a $2 billion dollar investment in building their supposed "Garden of Eden" in the Brazil-Paraguay area. The Brazilian magazine {Isto E} described it in this way in its Feb. 19, 2002 story, "Paradise Under Suspicion":

"A kind of independent territory is being created in silence, in an area between the border of Brazil and Paraguay. It is the tropical paradise of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, formed through a succession of nature preserves, where the rivers Nabilequie, Miranda, Paraguai, Prata, and Salobra cross. In total, the properties add up to 833,000 hectares, which is the equivalent of more than three Luxembourgs, the European Grand-Duchy. In it, would fit the whole Federal District, plus the cities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. If the lands were used for agrarian reform, they would be enough to provide for 41,650 families. Although they are not yet continguous, the lands being acquired are so close to one another that it is impossible to imagine that this is not being done to unify them."


OK. Let’s Play Political Celebrity Blackmail:

Wead in the Rose Garden

Doug Wead, a Bush family advisor and counselor to Dubya, has a history of crass opportunism and the release of the Bush tapes was only the most recent example

Most of Doug Wead's political career has been spent out of the public eye. Except for a failed run for an Arizona congressional seat in the early nineties, he's generally worked behind the scenes, first serving President George H.W. Bush and later, advising George W. He's generally avoided the headlines in the mainstream press. Last month, however, Wead came charging into the hot glare of the media spotlight. When you scratch beneath the surface you find an Assemblies of God minister who divorced his wife, a man involved with pyramid schemes, televangelizing faith-healers and the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church.


Shh. This sort of things leaves you open to blackmail.

Heh heh.

Then, again, some treasons are worse than others.

SUN MYUNG MOON gave North Korea

Sun Myung Moon's Japanese Toen Trading company delivered 12 Russian Golf missile submarines with launch tubes intact. The North Korean communists studied this technology and adapted their missiles to be sea launched from surface and submarine platforms. North Korea now has nuclear weapon strike capability which can reach the continental United States from sea-based mobile launch facilities at distances of 2,500 miles. This website has clickable links to Sun Myung Moon subversion sources, evidence, documentation... proof.

LINKS -- NK sea-missile capability:

LINKS -- North Korean-born Sun Myung Moon's Toen Trading Submarine Subversion:


This is some serious must-see stuff.

LOL! Thanks, seemslikeadreamy!


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