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Know your BFEE: America’s Ruling Gangster Class

Bush and his cronies have…

    Stacked the Courts to make their actions permissible, from stealing Presidential Elections to using claims of “national security” to cover up their crimes.

    Corrupted the Congress with the influence peddled by the likes of big money, big business, and transnational corporations and their K-Street Project henchmen to the point where lobbyists are the ones who write legislation.

    Ignored Corporate and White Collar crime – from BCCI to the S&L Scandals to Global Crossing to the present day because they ALL are White Collar Criminals, including the crazy monkey’s HARKEN Energy and SPECTRUM 7 Energy.

    Whether from gross criminal negligence to dereliction of duty, Bush, Condescenda Rice, Johnny Ashcan and Company failed to warn the American people and general flying public after receiving warnings of impending Al Quaeda attack on American soil, despite taking actions to protect themselves at the Genoa G-8 summit and by taking government charter instead of commercial carriers in the summer of 2001.

    Hijacked control of the Pentagon and its ships, planes, guns and service men and women to make a most profitable, bloody, let alone illegal, war. And they plan to take it go into perpetuity as The War on Terror, just like their gangster-lubbin’ “War on Drugs.” Read or heard much nice about Iran, lately?

    Ripped off the Treasury to pay for it, most profitably, including the rape of the U.S. working class – the largest group of U.S. Taxpayers – by giving the biggest breaks in history to the monied class, while giving tax breaks to company that shift manufacturing plants and good-paying jobs overseas.

    Co-opted ABCNNBCBS Foul Noise Nutwork and the rest of Corporate McPravda through bribery, intimidation and outright control to paint a picture of America and the world that just ain’s so. Even the White House Press Corpse calls the crazy monkey, “Sir.”

    The result of this concerted criminal effort is the largest transfer of wealth in known history from the working class to Bush and the folks he works for. Oh yeah. On the way, they corrupted respect for the Constitution to the point where the Bill of Rights has been shredded and the emphasis of American governance shifted from We the People to Bush the Unitary Decider.

All that money stolen and all that power gone and what do we have to show for it?

A broken country and a fear filled future, is about it -- a world where we’re led down the primrose path by the likes of GHWB.

You can tell a lot about a crook by the company he or she keeps.

Consider: Grover Norquist, Jack Abramoff and the Republican Tax Dodgers (sorry, redundant) ginned up just about every Repuke on Capitol Hill in every way.

Consider: Kenny Boy Lay and the ENRON Energy Pirates laughed as they bilked little old ladies of their retirement money.

Same goes for traitors. Take Henry Kissinger. Please.

The guy works for an AWOL Combat Dodger in the form of George W Bush (sorry, redundant). So, nothing is beneath him.

So, to show what kind of lower than whale turds people Henry the K, Baby Doc Bush and Poppy Doc are, I introduce Operation CONDOR and its main puppet, one Gen. Augusto Pinochet.

Pinochet and Poppy. "R" Peas in Pod.

What one did in Chile, the other did in the United States of America.

Both were helped by Henry Kissinger.

It was Kissinger who said about the coup that toppled the democratically elected government of Chile and the assassination of its president, Salvadore Allende:


“I don't see why we need to stand by and watch a country go communist due to the irresponsibility of its own people. The issues are much too important for the Chilean voters to be left to decide for themselves.”


Wow. Pretty powerful contempt for the United States and everything it stands for in that statement.

That attitude probably is easy to rub off on others, if the price is right.


Too much blood: Kissinger and Pinochet

By Lucy Komisar

I recently got hold of a declassified memorandum about Henry Kissinger's only meeting with Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. The meeting occurred on June 8, 1976, in Santiago, and the internal State Department memorandum shows how hard Kissinger tried to shield the Chilean general from criticism and assure him that his human rights violations were not a serious problem as far as the U.S. government was concerned.


The memo describes how Secretary of State Kissinger stroked and bolstered Pinochet, how--with hundreds of political prisoners still being jailed and tortured--Kissinger told Pinochet that the Ford Administration would not hold those human rights violations against him. At a time when Pinochet was the target of international censure for state-sponsored torture, disappearances, and murders, Kis-singer assured him that he was a victim of communist propaganda and urged him not to pay too much attention to American critics.


Then he made clear that the U.S. government was squarely behind Pinochet. "In the United States, as you know, we are sympathetic with what you are trying to do here," Kissinger told Pinochet. "I think that the previous government was headed toward communism. We wish your government well."


Kissinger knew that Pinochet had set up an infamous international terrorist network, Operation Condor, to assassinate his enemies. In 1974, when the CIA discovered that Chile and its allies wanted to set up a covert office in Miami as part of Operation Condor, Kissinger rejected his own State Department officials' advice to publicly protest the plan.

That would have been a warning to prospective victims who had sought safety in exile, but Kissinger opted instead to let the CIA quietly pass on the word to Chile's secret police, the Directorate of National Intelligence (DINA), and the office wasn't opened.

But Operation Condor continued to target and murder Pinochet's enemies. In September 1974, agents assassinated General Carlos Prats, Pinochet's constitutionalist predecessor who had been forced out and had fled to Buenos Aires. The following September, Operation Condor organized the Rome attack that disabled Christian Democratic oppositionist Bernardo Leighton and his wife. Then in September 1976, the operation returned to the United States with a vengeance, planting the car bomb that killed Letelier and his Institute for Policy Studies colleague Ronni Moffitt in Washington.

George Landau, the U.S. ambassador in Paraguay, had warned the CIA that two Chilean agents had been trying to get visas to the United States in Asunción under false names, but the CIA never warned Letelier, a prime target for Pinochet, nor did it act through its agents at other U.S. consulates to block the agents' travel. The U.S. consulate in Santiago issued the killers visas to the United States.



Kissinger once observed, “Chile is a dagger aimed at the heart of Antarctica.” Lots of class, there. Held in the capable hands Kissinger and the BFEE, history shows they aimed the dagger at the United States.


Pinochet is Gone, but His Methods Are Still with Us

A new report collating first-hand accounts gives us the clearest view yet of the torture going on in the US's secret prisons

by Adnan Siddiqui and Victoria Brittain
Published on Wednesday, December 13, 2006 by the Guardian / UK

Torture, secret prisons and disappearances: all feature prominently in the legacy of Augusto Pinochet. It is a matter of great regret that the former Chilean dictator - brought to power in a CIA-backed coup on September 11 1973 - avoided trial for gross abuses of human rights in his ravenous pursuit of power. But it is a matter of even greater regret that the same tools and the same sponsors are back in action today, with the same impunity, as part of the "war on terror" launched after September 11 2001.

When the Bush administration brought 14 of its most highly valued terrorism suspects to Guantánamo Bay from secret prisons in various countries in September, the US president himself acknowledged for the first time the existence of a network of CIA prisons. This was intended to close a chapter that had become embarrassing to Washington. The US practice of illegal kidnapping known as "extraordinary rendition", and the secret detention and torture that was part of it, had - after more than four years - finally become a scandal condemned by many European politicians, UN officials and international lawyers, as well as US-based human-rights groups.

But, as a new report from the British monitoring group Cageprisoners reveals, the men held in Guantánamo Bay are only the tip of the iceberg: thousands more are hidden elsewhere, outside the law. The "war on terror" is taking a terrible toll on Muslim families and societies through a vast programme of secret detention and torture.

Since January 2002, when the first Muslim men were flown from Afghanistan to Guantánamo, an estimated 14,000 men have been held. They have been hidden in prisons, army barracks, holes in the ground, private houses, hotels and schools. Those responsible for them have been in overlapping chains of command, including the US department of defence, the CIA and the national intelligence services of many countries, such as Britain.



Gee. Could it be these people don’t think the vote should apply if We the People elect, say a Democrat? Wonder what they would do if a Liberal Democrat got elected?


U.S. Leaders are Using Pinochet's Playbook

by Peter Kornbluh
Published on Friday, December 9, 2005 by the Baltimore Sun


Under the leadership of the Pinochet regime, Condor became a sophisticated system of multilateral repression. Condor nations shared intelligence and communications through a special cryptographic system provided by Brazil known as Condortel. Agents from one nation would fly to another to organize kidnappings, covert transportation of suspects and brutal interrogations at secret detention centers. Often the Condor victim would be secretly rendered back to his country of origin to another secret torture camp for further interrogation before being killed.


In fact, these joint efforts were acts of state-sponsored international terror. Among their operations, Condor regimes targeted specific individuals for death. A declassified CIA summary noted in 1977 that the Condor nations would "undertake the assassination of allegedly subversive opponents of participating governments residing in Western Europe or Latin America."

In the most infamous of Condor missions, former Chilean Ambassador Orlando Letelier and an American associate, Ronni Moffitt, were killed by a car bomb in downtown Washington in September 1976.


The methods of interrogation also are similar. Condor victims were submitted to what their Southern Cone torturers called "the submarine." Mr. Bush has authorized a series of "enhanced interrogation techniques" that includes "waterboarding" - simulated drowning - which is the CIA's modernized version of the same type of torture.

Even the official denials sound the same. "We do not torture," President Bush stated recently. "The United States government does not authorize or condone torture of detainees," Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice reiterated as she arrived in Europe this week.

In the wake of overwhelming evidence that U.S. officials have authorized, condoned and even committed acts of torture - in some cases torturing prisoners to death in Iraq and Afghanistan - those denials carry about as much credibility as General Pinochet's did during his 17-year dictatorship.



So. That’s a snapshot of America’s Ruling Gangster Class and what they do with money and power and to keep power and get more money.

Please remember, they are unarmed. For peace-loving people, the only real weapon is Truth.

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Know your BFEE: At every turn, JFK was opposed by War Party

During the Bay of Pigs Invasion, both the CIA and the Pentagon lied to President Kennedy and said the crazy idea would work. The anti-Castro Cuban people would rise up and greet the invaders as “liberators” with flowers and kisses. Wrong. The reality was, the operation had been compromised. Castro’s spies in Miami even knew D-Day and the landing site.

"(Peter) Kornbluh said there is no indication that Esterline or anyone else at the
CIA warned President Kennedy of the leak before the invasion took place."

Soviets Knew Date of Cuba Attack

By Vernon Loeb
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, April 29, 2000; A04

Shortly after the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba in 1961, a top CIA
official told an investigative commission that the Soviet Union had
somehow learned the exact date of the amphibious landing in advance,
according to a newly declassified version of the commission's final report.

Moreover, the CIA apparently had known of the leak to the Soviets--and
went ahead with the invasion anyway.


Gee. It’s not all that great a mystery why Gen. Charles Cabell, E Howard Hunt and the rest of the right-wingers would call JFK “traitor” for not calling in the air strikes in support of the invaders. I call such bastards “hypocritical sons-of-bitches” for saying so.

No one knew it at the time, but things in Cuba were even worse than imagined. The Soviets already had nukes on the island. The missiles were armed with nukes. Thus, had the United States invaded, Castro or the Soviet commanders in the field would have used them on the invading American forces and thus bringing about an American nuclear response and that would have precipitated World War III and that would be it for civilization and most living things.

Our Men in Havana

In Havana this past October, Professor James Blight brought together old foes Robert McNamara and Fidel Castro for the fortieth anniversary of the Cuban Missile Crisis. Such meetings, part of Blight’s unconventional fifteen-year study of the crisis, have led McNamara and others to a startling conclusion: we were much closer to nuclear war than anyone thought.

By Norman Boucher


Over the past decade or so, it has become increasingly clear that the grown-ups may not have had much of an idea what was going on either. At least this has been the conclusion to emerge from a series of six conferences held over the past fifteen years on the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, those thirteen days in October during which the world came the closest it has ever been to destroying itself. Orchestrated by Professor James Blight and Adjunct Associate Professor Janet Lang, both of the Watson Institute for International Studies, these conferences—along with two related ones on the disastrous April 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion—have revealed that we were much closer to nuclear annihilation four decades ago than anyone had previously thought, and that the management of the crisis in Washington and Moscow was blessed with a far higher level of sheer dumb luck than analysts and historians had earlier been able to accept.

“I conclude from this discussion,” Robert McNamara, the secretary of defense during the missile crisis, said in Havana at the latest conference this past October, “that we’re damn lucky to be here.”


The alternative interpretation of those October 1962 events is messier. As McNamara explained to the students in the Blight-Lang class, no one in the White House in 1962 knew the number of nuclear warheads already in Cuba at the time of the crisis; nor did they know that the Soviets and Cubans had tactical nuclear warheads they were ready to use against U.S. troops. Had Khrushchev not agreed to withdraw the missiles on October 28, a military conflict might have easily broken out, with consequences no one in Washington had sufficient information to foresee, far less control.


But wait, there’s more. The War Party wanted was so bad with Cuba, they even had the Joint Chiefs – normally honorable men – float a plan to launch a terror attack against Americans in Miami and Washington, as well as shooting down a jetliner filled with American college students or two, as a pretext for war with Cuba.

Pentagon Proposed Pretexts for Cuba Invasion in 1962

In his new exposé of the National Security Agency entitled “Body of Secrets,” author James Bamford highlights a set of proposals on Cuba by the Joint Chiefs of Staff codenamed OPERATION NORTHWOODS. This document, titled “Justification for U.S. Military Intervention in Cuba” was provided by the JCS to Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara on March 13, 1962, as the key component of Northwoods. Written in response to a request from the Chief of the Cuba Project, Col. Edward Lansdale, the Top Secret memorandum describes U.S. plans to covertly engineer various pretexts that would justify a U.S. invasion of Cuba. These proposals - part of a secret anti-Castro program known as Operation Mongoose - included staging the assassinations of Cubans living in the United States, developing a fake “Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington,” including “sink a boatload of Cuban refugees (real or simulated),” faking a Cuban airforce attack on a civilian jetliner, and concocting a “Remember the Maine” incident by blowing up a U.S. ship in Cuban waters and then blaming the incident on Cuban sabotage. Bamford himself writes that Operation Northwoods “may be the most corrupt plan ever created by the U.S. government.”

Source (w/link to PDF of actual Operation NORTHWOODS document): /

Kennedy said, “No.” Then, a short time after the episode, didn’t renew Gen. Lyman Lemnitzer’s tour as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

During the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Pentagon, most of the Cabinet, and the Congressional leaders all were hell-bent for war. They told JFK the missiles were a danger and the only way to get rid of them was an immediate air attack, followed by an invasion. Air Force commander Curtis LeMay even tried to instigate war, ordering jets to intrude into Soviet airspace, hoping one would be shot down and form a pretext for all-out war.

Spy Flights of the Cold War

Review by Capt. Troy Thomas, USAF
Book by Paul Lashmar
Naval Institute Press, 118 Maryland Avenue, Annapolis, Maryland 21402, 1996, 256 pages, $29.95.
Document created: 13 May 99

Perceptions of the cold war often focus on nuclear arsenals and Third World surrogate conflicts, overlooking a persistent war of aerial espionage in which hundreds of airmen lose their lives. Spy Flights of the Cold War offers an intriguing yet controversial historical record of US and British aerial reconnaissance against the communist bloc from 1946 to 1963. The author’s research reveals numerous harrowing missions by brave aircrews flying deep into hostile territory on missions previously declared “routine.” Overlaying this operational history is a political account that indicts the US Air Force (USAF) and, specifically, Gen Curtis E. LeMay for exceeding presidential authority, manipulating intelligence estimates, and using the spy flights in an attempt to instigate another world war. Although it is a tribute to individual airmen, the text openly criticizes USAF leadership.


Criticism of the USAF and LeMay is a prominent theme. In addition to questionable evidence that LeMay encouraged unauthorized overflight missions, Lashmar devotes an entire chapter to SAC’s aggressive use of reconnaissance missions as a political tool intent on provoking nuclear war. If successfully implemented, Project Control overflights would “demonstrate the Russians’ military impotency” and possibly create the conditions for a preventive war. In addition to attributing a prolonged cold war to General LeMay and other senior USAF leaders, Lashmar also contends that SAC and the USAF intelligence community inflated Soviet missile, and later bomber, strengths to justify inordinate spending on SAC. Although estimates by the intelligence community later proved high, evidence for a duplicitous USAF agenda is suspect.


Unlike the selected current occupant of the Oval Office, John F. Kennedy truly understood what it means to serve as President and Commander in Chief. Kennedy believed he had the final say on executive decision making. Case in point, Vietnam.

Kennedy saw the situation on the ground to be a loser for America and had ordered Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara to begin the withdrawal of American forces with the withdrawal of 1,000 advisors by the end of 1963. JFK planned to have ALL American troops out of Vietnam by the end of 1964. That was in writing:

Exit Strategy

In 1963, JFK ordered a complete withdrawal from Vietnam

By James K. Galbraith

Forty years have passed since November 22, 1963, yet painful mysteries remain. What, at the moment of his death, was John F. Kennedy’s policy toward Vietnam?

It’s one of the big questions, alternately evaded and disputed over four decades of historical writing. It bears on Kennedy’s reputation, of course, though not in an unambiguous way.

And today, larger issues are at stake as the United States faces another indefinite military commitment that might have been avoided and that, perhaps, also cannot be won. The story of Vietnam in 1963 illustrates for us the struggle with policy failure. More deeply, appreciating those distant events tests our capacity as a country to look the reality of our own history in the eye.


A more thorough treatment appeared in 1992, with the publication of John M. Newman’s JFK and Vietnam.1 Until his retirement in 1994 Newman was a major in the U.S. Army, an intelligence officer last stationed at Fort Meade, headquarters of the National Security Agency. As an historian, his specialty is deciphering declassified records—a talent he later applied to the CIA’s long-hidden archives on Lee Harvey Oswald.

Newman’s argument was not a case of “counterfactual historical reasoning,” as Larry Berman described it in an early response.2 It was not about what might have happened had Kennedy lived. Newman’s argument was stronger: Kennedy, he claims, had decided to begin a phased withdrawal from Vietnam, that he had ordered this withdrawal to begin. Here is the chronology, according to Newman:

(1) On October 2, 1963, Kennedy received the report of a mission to Saigon by McNamara and Maxwell Taylor, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS). The main recommendations, which appear in Section I(B) of the McNamara-Taylor report, were that a phased withdrawal be completed by the end of 1965 and that the “Defense Department should announce in the very near future presently prepared plans to withdraw 1,000 out of 17,000 U.S. military personnel stationed in Vietnam by the end of 1963.” At Kennedy’s instruction, Press Secretary Pierre Salinger made a public announcement that evening of McNamara’s recommended timetable for withdrawal.

(2) On October 5, Kennedy made his formal decision. Newman quotes the minutes of the meeting that day:

The President also said that our decision to remove 1,000 U.S. advisors by December of this year should not be raised formally with Diem. Instead the action should be carried out routinely as part of our general posture of withdrawing people when they are no longer needed. (Emphasis added.)
The passage illustrates two points: (a) that a decision was in fact made on that day, and (b) that despite the earlier announcement of McNamara’s recommendation, the October 5 decision was not a ruse or pressure tactic to win reforms from Diem (as Richard Reeves, among others, has contended3) but a decision to begin withdrawal irrespective of Diem or his reactions.

(3) On October 11, the White House issued NSAM 263, which states:

The President approved the military recommendations contained in section I B (1-3) of the report, but directed that no formal announcement be made of the implementation of plans to withdraw 1,000 U.S. military personnel by the end of 1963.

In other words, the withdrawal recommended by McNamara on October 2 was embraced in secret by Kennedy on October 5 and implemented by his order on October 11, also in secret. Newman argues that the secrecy after October 2 can be explained by a diplomatic reason. Kennedy did not want Diem or anyone else to interpret the withdrawal as part of any pressure tactic (other steps that were pressure tactics had also been approved). There was also a political reason: JFK had not decided whether he could get away with claiming that the withdrawal was a result of progress toward the goal of a self-sufficient South Vietnam.


Then came Dallas. A week later, the orders were signed committing the US to support the government of South Vietnam. A few months later, the Gulf of Tonkin incident was created and the US had their fig leaf for war. Today, decades later, we look back back and see a parade of Presidents, the majority of whom were only too eager to make war, mere enablers for the War Party.

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Know your BFEE: Cheney & Halliburton Sold Iran Nuke Technology

The BFEE Offshore

In these days when George W Bush contemplates attacking the nation of Iran, a story that we should remember:

Halliburton Sold Iranian Oil Company Key Nuclear Reactor Components, Sources Say

August 05, 2005
By: Jason Leopold
Independent Media TV

Scandal-plagued Halliburton -- the oil services company once headed by Vice President Cheney -- sold an Iranian oil development company key components for a nuclear reactor, say Halliburton sources with intimate knowledge into both companies' business dealings.

Halliburton was secretly working at the time with one of Iran 's top nuclear program officials on natural gas related projects and sold the components in April to the official's oil development company, the sources said.


Now comes word that Halliburton, which has a long history of flouting U.S. law by conducting business with countries the Bush administration said has ties to terrorism, was working with Cyrus Nasseri, vice chairman of the board of directors of Oriental Oil Kish, one of Iran's largest private oil companies, on oil and natural gas development projects in Tehran. Nasseri is also a key member of Iran's nuclear development team and has been negotiating Iran 's nuclear development issues with the European Union and at the International Atomic Energy Agency.


Nasseri was interrogated by Iranian authorities in late July for allegedly providing Halliburton with Iran 's nuclear secrets and accepting as much as $1 million in bribes from Halliburton, Iranian government officials said. During the first round of interrogations in the judiciary, a huge network of oil mafia has been exposed, according to the IPS report.


“Dick” by Jeff Faerber

How can we forget the “where” of it all?

Companies, People, Ideas

Trading With The Enemy

Matthew Swibel
Forbes 04.19.04

If you want to get round export controls, just sell the product to a front company in Dubai. The middlemen will take it from there.

On paper the shipment was harmless enough. Sixty-six American-made spark gaps--high-speed electrical switches used in medical devices to break up kidney stones--traveled from the manufacturer in Salem, Massachusetts late last summer to a buyer in Secaucus, New Jersey. From there, according to the export declaration, they were to be shipped to their ultimate destination in Cape Town, South Africa. But these spark gaps can also be used to detonate nuclear bombs--and it turned out that the goods were aimed at an end user in Pakistan, with a stopover in Dubai. The commercial capital of the United Arab Emirates, where trading activity accounts for the biggest single chunk (16.5%) of a $20 billion economy, has become a favorite diversion point on the Persian Gulf for shady cargo. With no export controls and hardly any bureaucracy at ports, airports and free zones, this entrepôt provides stellar cover for smugglers hoping to bypass U.S. embargoes.


The open secret is that Dubai buys far more than it keeps. More than a quarter of its $23 billion in annual nonoil imports are reexported, and Iran gets the biggest share. Interviews with private businesspeople and U.S. officials, along with court documents, reveal a simple scheme. Companies located around the world sell goods--from cigarettes to medical devices and PCs--to buyers in the U.A.E. Dubai traders repackage the items and send them along by air or ship to agents in, say, Tehran, Pyongyang, Damascus or Islamabad.


Nevertheless, FORBES has obtained documents showing how Kala Ltd., the British arm of the National Iranian Oil Co., solicited at least 17 separate bids from the affiliate during 1997 and 1998 (when Vice President Cheney was Halliburton's chief executive). A few bids include handwritten notes that say "FOB Dubai Airport" or "FOB Dubai port"--meaning that the U.A.E. was just a way station between Halliburton and Tehran. Halliburton would not comment on the bids. In any event, earlier this year the Treasury Department reopened a 2001 inquiry into Halliburton's Iran operations and its Dubai-based partner.


Everybody loves Iran. Even Henry Kissinger and Associates.

The back story...

From Kissinger's "Platform State" to the Plutonium Club

How the US Supplied Iran with Nuclear Know-How

By Saul Landau
Counterpunch Weekend Edition September 9 / 11, 2005


Such stories provoke the question: how could Iran have obtained nuclear capabilities? Surely, those irresponsible former Soviet scientists must have sold them the technology, a colleague guessed. "Those people would sell anything after the fall of the Soviet Union."

Not quite! It was US policy, not anti-American Moslem fanaticism that led Iran directly into the nuclear age. In the late 1960s, Iran stood out as a model ally of the United States. After all, the ruling Shah owed the CIA after the Agency's operatives ousted elected Premier Mossadegh's government in 1953. CIA action followed Mossadegh's declaration that he would nationalize foreign oil holdings. The Shah understood loyalty to those who reinstalled his "royal family" to dictatorial power.

His servility won him nuclear access. "The US and her allies were in fact the driving force behind the birth of Iran's nuclear program in the late 1960s and early 1970s" (Mohammad Sahimi, Iran's Nuclear Program. Part I: Its History October 2003). By 1974, the Shah, after consulting with Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, boasted that nuclear power plants in Iran would soon produce more than 20,000 megawatts of energy.

In the mid-1970s, led by Kissinger who saw in Iran a "platform state" to fight communism in the region, Washington proposed that The Shah expand his nuclear capacity by acquiring as many as twenty three nuclear reactors. According to Mohammad Sahimi, the work on the reactors began in 1974 with the help of MIT engineers who contracted to train Iranian nuclear technicians.

Sahimi cites a speech by Sydney Sober, a State Department official who in October 1977, "declared that the Shah's government was going to purchase eight nuclear reactors from the US for generating electricity. On July 10, 1978, only seven months before the victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the final draft of the US-Iran Nuclear Energy Agreement was signed. The agreement was supposed to facilitate cooperation in the field of nuclear energy and to govern the export and transfer of equipment and material to Iran's nuclear energy program. Iran was also to receive American technology and help in searching for uranium deposits."

Why, asked critics, should a nation with huge oil and gas reserves invest in nuclear technology? Why not? Both General Electric and Westinghouse sold Iran reactors. These manufacturers of nuclear energy plants for the third world and their media acolytes regaled The Shah for his "westernizing policies," his far-sightedness in seeing beyond the age of oil.


Gee. Few people love oil more than Henry Kissinger.

Here’s a guy who probably wishes he’d never heard of the stuff…


Iranian Press Service
Posted Friday, July 29, 2005

PARIS, 29 July (IPS) Cyrus Nasseri, one of the senior Iranian negotiators with both the European Union’s so called “Big 3” and the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has been arrested.

Both “Baaztab” news service that belongs to Mr. Mohsen Reza’i, a former Commandeer of the Revolutionary Guards and the present secretary of the Expediency Council and the independent “Roshangari” said Mr. Nasseri has been arrested by the Judiciary investigating the consortium made of Oriental Kish and Halliburton -- which has US Vice President Dick Cheney as the Chairman of its Board of Directors -- awarded for the exploitation of phases 9 and 10 of the huge South Pars gas and oil field in the Persian Gulf.

The information is so far not confirmed by the Iranian authorities and neither sites say when Mr. Nasseri, a carrier diplomat, had been arrested and the mobile telephone of Mr. Nasseri, an outspoken negotiator, was not responding on 29 July.

According to Baztab, the phases 9 and 10 should yield 50 billions of natural gas and 400 tons of sulfides by the next Iranian year of 1385 for a cost of 282 millions US Dollars.


Kish Oriental-Halliburton won the contract last year.


So that's what happens to friends of Sneer and Smirk...

In business since 22 November 1963. The Bush Family Evil Empire: Money. Oil. Power. Gangsterism. Fascism. Terror. War.

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Know your BFEE: James R Bath - Bush - bin Laden Link

Connecting the Dots: Bush...Bath...bin Laden.

Back when George W was defendin' Texas from the Air Force of North Vietnam, he met a nice man by the name of James Reynolds Bath. After a while, they both were drummed off the flight line for failing to take physical exams -- coincidently, right about the same time the government starting testing pilots for illegal drugs 'n' such. Here's the document:

Now this document shows that the House of bin Laden selected James R Bath to be their official U.S. business agent. Isn't it something? Why doesn't anyone in the press corpse ask Bush about this?

Craig Unger tracked down Bath – Unger's the fellow who wrote "House of Bush. House of Saud."

Mystery man

Why the White House deleted the name of Bush pal and Saudi go-between James Bath from the president's military records is a tantalizing but unanswered question.

By Craig Unger

April 27, 2004 | Last month, before the 9/11 commission began its public hearings and Iraq exploded in renewed warfare, the White House tried to quell a gathering storm regarding President Bush's military service, releasing hundreds of documents about Bush's tenure in the Texas Air National Guard some 30 years ago. A close examination of the documents reveals that they not only fail to answer lingering questions about Bush's service but prompt a crucial new area of inquiry that could play a role in the presidential campaign -- a long and lucrative, but low-profile, relationship between Saudis and the Bush family that goes back 30 years.

The document that raises that question is dated Sept. 29, 1972, and notes that 1st Lt. George W. Bush was suspended from flying because of his "failure to accomplish annual medical examination." Since he had just received hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of training as a jet fighter pilot, the fact that Bush let his medical certification lapse raises a troubling matter. Why did he allow himself to become ineligible to fly when he still had two years of service left? Given that random drug testing by the military had just started, some have suggested that Bush had not yet given up his partying ways and may have begged off because he had a substance abuse problem.


Reached at his home near Houston, Bath, who has been a business associate and friend of George W. Bush's for about 30 years, acknowledged to Salon that he was the man in question, but he dismissed the suspensions as trivial. "It happens all the time, especially in the Guard," he said. "In a regular squadron it is real easy to get your physical, but in a Guard unit, it is a different kettle of fish because the flight surgeon is also a civilian."
Bath, who referred to Bush as "Geo" because his first name appeared in that abbreviated form on his National Guard uniform, said that "the base is a ghost town except when the whole unit is there. When you fall out of requirements, it is no big deal; you are simply not able to be on the flying schedule. That is it, full stop."

Bath asserted that allegations that Bush had been using drugs are a "bogus issue," but declined to answer precisely why he and Bush failed to undergo their physicals. "I'm telling you that it did not happen. It is beyond laughable. I wasn't with him 24/7, but Geo did not use drugs. Geo did not use drugs, and I really know the facts."

CONTINUED (Subscription of Day Pass)...

If we had an honest government, Bath'd be in a Witness Protection program.

Drugs, money-laundering, the Caymans...What's not to like?

Connecting the Dots ... Bush ... Bath ... bin Laden.


However, Bill White also told Jonathan Beaty that Bath had been investigated by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) while the two were partners, adding "the DEA suspected Bath was using his planes to fly currency to the Cayman Islands, although they didn't know why, since drugs didn't seem to be involved." Curiously, the probe ended.

Media interest may increase now, however, as Federal Reserve financial records are likely to be subpoenaed by Ron Motley and the 9/11victim families, detailing the inordinate amount of currency that passed through Mahfouz's small Houston, Texas bank -- and the curiously indulgent investigation of Bath and the Federal Reserve by the DEA.

Even to the uninitiated, the Caymans are synonymous with corruption and circumvention of the law. Thus it will fall to court depositions, subpoenas, and political pressure from 9/11 victim families to question why stacks of U.S. currency from the Federal Reserve Bank were flown into the Caymans by Saudi-backed representatives like James Bath -- friend to the President`s son -- let alone where the cash went, whether is was looted from the U.S. Treasury via Federal Reserve fiscal maneuverings, and to what extent the practice continues -- given current world terrorism.

Evidence points toward such "tax havens" as financial conduits for September 11 terrorism -- not just money-laundering refuges for current corporate wrongdoing, drug lords, organized crime, and those seeking to avoid a voracious U.S. tax system.

Michigan Senator Carl Levin's February, 2001 Minority Banking Report calls correspondent banking the "gateway to money laundering," a financial technique wherein illicit money is moved from bank to bank with no questions asked, thereby cleansing funds prior to being used for legitimate purposes.


Bush, Bath, BCCI and the Caymans

Where the loot went...

Follow the Money: The Bush-bin Laden Connection

President Bush's September 2001 address to the American people will live on in infamy. In it, Bush roused the American people to a "war on terrorism," which was to consist of rooting out the financial sources of support for terrorist activities. A global effort ensued in the following weeks. Bush then signed an executive order freezing the financial assets of several alleged charities reputed to be "fronts" for the al-Qaida network. According to a report by Christopher Byron dated 9/24/01 entitled "Terrorists, dollars and a tangled web", however, one glitch got ahead of Bush's fanaticism: following this money trail would require investigators to "probe deep into the offshore activities of America's mightiest banks and the financial affairs of many of America's leading public figures," including George W. and George H.W. Bush. It all starts with the Bank for Credit & Commerce International, now infamous as the "BCCI Scandal." The BCCI, with its main offices in London and New York, was bankrolled by Saudi Arabian money handlers. The BCCI was engaged in widespread bribery of officials in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas; its criminal activities touched nearly every country on Earth. According to Byron, the BCCI "laundered money on a global scale, intimidated witnesses and law enforcement authorities, engaged in extortion and blackmail; supplied the financing for illegal arms trafficking and global terrorism; financed and facilitated income tax evasion, smuggling and prostitution." As Byron also explains, BCCI operated via secrecy through various front organizations, and "penetrated the top-most echelons of American business, co-opting and exploiting many of the most visible and influential public figures in America."

The tentacles of BCCI began to touch George W. Bush when he sold his young, struggling oil company to Harken Energy. This, according to Byron, "set in motion a chain of events that wound up entangling Bush, briefly but awkwardly, in the affairs of not just BCCI but of the bin Laden family itself." Specifically, what is the bin Laden connection?

James Bath, one of Bush's original partners in his oil company, had contacts in the Middle East. According to Byron, Bath was named in a 1976 trust document as the business representative for Salem bin Laden, Osama bin Laden's half-brother, who was killed in a private plane crash in Texas in 1988. William White has claimed that Bath was involved in a secret conspiracy to funnel Saudi money into the U.S., and that since 1976-the year Bush Sr. became head of the CIA-Bath had worked as a CIA liaison to Saudi Arabia. White has made the claim, which Bath denies, that "Bath ran an aviation business and obtained several aircraft from the CIA."

As Byron reports, Bath did run Skyway Aircraft Leasing Ltd., an aviation business based in the Cayman Islands, which was owned by Saudi banker Khalid bin Mahfouz. In 1977, bin Mahfouz joined up with Saudi front man for BCCI, Ghaith Pharaon, and became an investor in the Main Bank of Houston, in which Bath also held a stake.


A bit more from Mr. White on his business and legal dealings with Mr. Bath reveals the name of John "Swift Boat Liars" O'Neill. The record shows O'Neill was hired to "DEFEND" White in a lawsuit against Bath. No wonder the poor guy lost everything he had and owned. Then again, that's how it always is for the BFEE. The fix was in from the get-go.

From White's CBC interview:


Bill White: Oh absolutely.


Bill White: Senior. He said that he would call the politically appointed Judges and I would never get due process. And that really is what motivated me to fight the fight in the courts. I couldn’t believe in the aftermath of all of us risking our lives fighting for the system that we could be denied our rights of due process under law. I just couldn’t believe that. Unfortunately I hought it was a bluff, but it turned out to be true because what he predicted is precisely what happened. I thought it was Bath who was blowing smoke so I resisted and I said: “Jim, I’m not going to sue you, I’m not going to go report these Saudi dealings to the DA’s Office. I just don’t want to be in Business with you anymore.” Then I called my Attorney and I didn’t instruct him to file a lawsuit. I said please look at our partnership agreement and find out how I can become a Businessman independent of Jim Bath. I just don’t want to be involved in all this. Well, I never
had that luxury because Bath and the Bank that was laundering the Saudi money inundated me in lawsuits. I had four criminal chargesand I think twenty-eight civil lawsuits that were filed against me concurrently. And it just dominated my life. Fortunately I was able to get legal representation. The best lawyers in Houston took up my case on a contingency fee basis. They filed counter claims against Bath alleging Saudi influence peddling with the Bush family, although in retrospect when I read my own legal pleadings, the lawyers were very careful to remove a lot of the references to the threats and avoided using the Bin Laden, the Bin Mahfouz the Bush name. And I would ask my own lawyers, why aren’t you stating succinctly the nature of the Bath’s threat?. And they’d say: “Well Bill, you know we don’t want to make the Judges angry. We have to be very careful.”


Bill White: They believed the links to be true. They’re afraid of backlash from the Judges. One of my many Lawyers, John O’Neill of Porter and Clements, was actually the campaign manager of one of the Republican judges who poured me out every case - Judge Lewis Moore. And when John found out that my case was assigned to Judge Moore he said: "Bill, we’ve got this case made-in-the-shade.” He said: “This guy - I’m his campaign manager. I raise funds for his reelection. No problem.” And then we’d get into the courtroom and be poured out without a trial. And John would shake his head and comment: “The Judge must have gone crazy. I can’t believe it, he’s never treated me this way.”

CONTINUED... (on PDF, I'll see if I can find HTML somewhere on the Internets)...

If it wasn't so treasonous, it'd be neat, huh?

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Know your BFEE: Rev. Sun Myung Moon OWNS Poppy Bush.

Don’t take my word for it. Read The Washington Times. It’s Poppy Bush’s favorite paper, because they pay him so well. Millions, in hundred thousand bills, please.

Even our friends on the right know that.



Well, if the Heritage foundation says it, we better jump up and down like the trained dogs we are.

Did you know The Heritage Foundation has taken funding from The Korean CIA. They welcome Moon's influence. Just like the ENTIRE conservative movement, which has been taken over by religious freaks and fascists.

The party formerly known as "Republican" exists NO MORE.

Moon has one belief, that he is the Messiah. He has one goal, to wrench control of the world.
Put "Bush + Moonies' in your google and read about how the conservatives sold their souls for power to Moon. What a bunch of anti-Jesus frauds. In 1989 US News reported that virtually EVERY conservative group in DC had ties to Moon's organization. Moon literally brags about using The Washington Times to get the chumps to follow him to theo fascist hell, which is where Bush is taking us. Bush IS doing "True Father's" bidding, wittingly or not. No Moon NO Bush. Kinda spooky when you consider Moon said presidents would have to come to him for power. This is true in the republican party, today.

See Jerry Falwell hugging the conservative "savior" Moon here. The conservative leadership sold their souls to Moon and their pod followers have no idea.

Look at this. Can you say HYPOCRITE. That is what conservatives are.


Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church

Dark Side of Rev. Moon

Gee. He’s using all his money to buy gold and land and what sounds like an enormous jungle redoubt, the kind Ian Fleming’s supervillain likes…

And who else built a jungle redoubt in the virgin Paraguayan Amazon?


RIO DE JANEIRO, Oct. 23 (EIRNS) — Rev. Moon's cult has been the subject of a multi-agency, federal and state, national security investigation in Brazil, since at least July 2001.

The investigations were undertaken at the initiative of the Army, because the Moon cult was accumulating enormous, contiguous tracts of land on both sides of the Paraguayan and Brazilian border--in an area very near the Triple Border region (where Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay meet), notorious for drug, arms and other contraband.

It was estimated back in 2001, that the Moonies had made a $2 billion dollar investment in building their supposed "Garden of Eden" in the Brazil-Paraguay area. The Brazilian magazine {Isto E} described it in this way in its Feb. 19, 2002 story, "Paradise Under Suspicion":

"A kind of independent territory is being created in silence, in an area between the border of Brazil and Paraguay. It is the tropical paradise of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, formed through a succession of nature preserves, where the rivers Nabilequie, Miranda, Paraguai, Prata, and Salobra cross. In total, the properties add up to 833,000 hectares, which is the equivalent of more than three Luxembourgs, the European Grand-Duchy. In it, would fit the whole Federal District, plus the cities of Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. If the lands were used for agrarian reform, they would be enough to provide for 41,650 families. Although they are not yet continguous, the lands being acquired are so close to one another that it is impossible to imagine that this is not being done to unify them."


OK. Let’s Play Political Celebrity Blackmail:

Wead in the Rose Garden

Doug Wead, a Bush family advisor and counselor to Dubya, has a history of crass opportunism and the release of the Bush tapes was only the most recent example

Most of Doug Wead's political career has been spent out of the public eye. Except for a failed run for an Arizona congressional seat in the early nineties, he's generally worked behind the scenes, first serving President George H.W. Bush and later, advising George W. He's generally avoided the headlines in the mainstream press. Last month, however, Wead came charging into the hot glare of the media spotlight. When you scratch beneath the surface you find an Assemblies of God minister who divorced his wife, a man involved with pyramid schemes, televangelizing faith-healers and the Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church.


Shh. This sort of things leaves you open to blackmail.

Heh heh.

Then, again, some treasons are worse than others.

SUN MYUNG MOON gave North Korea

Sun Myung Moon's Japanese Toen Trading company delivered 12 Russian Golf missile submarines with launch tubes intact. The North Korean communists studied this technology and adapted their missiles to be sea launched from surface and submarine platforms. North Korea now has nuclear weapon strike capability which can reach the continental United States from sea-based mobile launch facilities at distances of 2,500 miles. This website has clickable links to Sun Myung Moon subversion sources, evidence, documentation... proof.

LINKS -- NK sea-missile capability:

LINKS -- North Korean-born Sun Myung Moon's Toen Trading Submarine Subversion:


This is some serious must-see stuff.

LOL! Thanks, seemslikeadreamy!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Know your BFEE: Pat Robertson Incoporated a Gold Mine with a Terrorist

Pat "Pass The Loot" Robertson is more than just your average TV preacher.

There's the gold. And the diamonds. And the oil.

Like the enterprising fellow in the parable of the king and the 10 coins, this guy's privatized and put his collection basket to good use. Check out how in this story that never made it to TBN Nutwork:

Pat Robertson and His Business Buddies

By Colbert I. King

Saturday, November 10, 2001; Page A27

Joseph Mathews is Pat Robertson's point man in a Liberian mining venture called Freedom Gold Limited. Mathews doesn't much care for what has appeared in this column about his boss's business dealings in Liberia, so he's trying to put a little distance between the televangelist and that West African nation's strongman, Charles Taylor.


This much is known, however, based primarily on information obtained from Freedom Gold Limited. Pat Robertson did learn about the gold mining investment opportunity from a visiting Liberian delegation. Robertson did subsequently create the for-profit Freedom Gold Limited in the Cayman Islands in December 1998 in which he was listed as the president and the company's sole director. He did conclude a mining agreement signed personally by him, Charles Taylor and key members of Taylor's cabinet on May 18, 1999. And the deal does give the Taylor regime a cut of the action.

Now why is a freedom-loving, God-fearing man such as Pat Robertson signing on the dotted line with Taylor, a U.S. prison escapee, Libyan terrorist training camp graduate, human rights violator, and pillager of his own country and his neighbor, Sierra Leone?

What's there to like about Charles Taylor?

He was once an ally of the equally repulsive Samuel Doe, the semi-literate master sergeant who led a bloody coup in April 1980 against Liberian President William Tolbert. The late Tolbert ended up dead and disemboweled in the executive mansion -- a fate shared 10 years later by election-rigger par excellence Doe who, while wearing the mantle of president, was tortured, mutilated and done in by rebels.


Gee. I wondered how Pat could afford the Rolex...




What do televangelist Pat Robertson and a ruthless dictator have in common?
Diamonds, for one thing

TIME Domestic
February 27, 1994 Volume 145, No. 9

Who would expect to find diamonds on the souls of evangelical American missionaries in Zaire? Situated in the bull's-eye of Africa, Zaire has 43 million citizens scratching out a living on roughly $500 a year apiece. Zaire's cruel, old-style dictator, Mobutu Sese Seko, however, does not subsist on $500 a year - he has many millions stashed away, and right now he makes a decent income off his country's roughly $300 million-a-year diamond trade. Now, with Mobutu's permission, Zaire's diamond business has a new entrant - Pat Robertson, the American televangelist and ex-presidential candidate.

Backed by the CIA, army general Joseph-Desire Mobutu took over the Republic of the Congo in 1965 and later called himself Mobutu Sese Seko. In 1971 he renamed the country Zaire. Throughout his rule, Mobutu has dealt brutally with opponents, civilian and military. His country's mineral wealth and location kept Mobutu valuable to Western interests for years, but when the threat of communist expansion disappeared, his worth diminished. By 1993 his horrific human-rights record and his refusal to yield the throne had led to an economic squeeze of Zaire by three major trading partners - the U.S., France and Belgium. Largesse from lenient banks dried up. Desperately casting a net for new friends, Mobutu found Robertson. Makau Mutua, projects director of the Human Rights Program at the Harvard Law School, says that currently "Robertson is Mobutu's biggest American catch."

The association of dictator and preacher began with a Robertson relief group, Operation Blessing, a branch of which has botched a corn-cultivation project on a 50,000-acre farm outside the capital, Kinshasa. Last year during the Rwandan refugee crisis, Operation Blessing expanded its humanitarian efforts to Goma but was criticized for spending too much money on transportation, pulling its workers out too soon and proselytizing. "They were laying on hands," an American aid worker recalls, "speaking in tongues and holding services while people were dying all around." Many relief agencies are notorious for mismanagement and backbiting, but even considering that, Operation Blessing drew a considerable volume of negative reviews from fellow Samaritans.

Another Robertson organization working in Zaire is the African Development Co. Around the world, Robertson has substantial business interests (in the U.S. he controls TV's Family Channel, the Ice Capades and KaloVita, a venture selling vitamins and skin creams from the Holy Land), and ADC is a private enterprise formed to look into investments in mining, lumber, agriculture, transportation and power generation, with an eye to plowing the profits back into humanitarian efforts. A nascent diamond-mining operation in Zaire is a project of the ADC. Located on a river southeast of the boomtown of Tshikapa in the heart of Zaire's diamond country, the project uses state-of-the-art dredges and diving equipment. Robertson is also exploring gold interests on the upper Zaire, or Congo, River, and assessing the hardwood logging potential of four great swaths of rain forest.


Let's see... What's the missing variable Gold + Diamonds + X = Big Wealth. Hmmm. Could X be... Power?

Pat Robertson's energy crisis

The Christian Right juggernaut feels the sting of big oil capitalism

By Bill Berkowitz

Sometimes when I think of Pat Robertson - which is probably more often than is healthy - I flash back to actress Joanne Woodward's landmark performance in the "The Three Faces of Eve."

There's Robertson, the zany televangelist launching hurricanes toward gay-friendly cities; the shrewd political figure with easy access to the rich and powerful; and the multi-millionaire businessman with Zairian diamonds on the soles of his shoes. All these personas wrapped into one pretty unique package.

Robertson the televangelist: Over-the-top and outlandish musings, ridiculous predictions and scattershot opinions are the order of the day on his daily "700 Club" television program.

The politically savvy Pat Robertson: Ran for president in 1988 and built an infrastructure and computerized mail list that helped launch the Christian Coalition, the right-wing political juggernaut for much of the 1990s.

Robertson the entrepreneur: Mega-wealthy businessman with international holdings.

The "700 Club" is currently being broadcast over Rupert Murdoch's Fox Family Channel, which Murdoch bought from Robertson in 1997 for $1.9 billion. The original Robertson/Murdoch deal called for him to continue his "700 Club" - perhaps in perpetuity. Now, it and other Fox assets, have been acquired by the Walt Disney Co. Disney, the target of a several-year basically ineffectual Christian right boycott, for between 3 and 5 billion dollars. So, despite Robertson's persistent criticism of Disney's practices, it appears the broadcasting arrangement will hold.

From also-ran to political kingmaker

Robertson the political operative gave America Ralph Reed. By naming the relatively unknown Reed as executive director, Robertson chose a perfect counterpart; a soft-spoken, cherubic-looking, hardball-playing political strategist. During his tenure, Reed played smooth/cool (Dean Martin) to Robertson's weird/hot (Jerry Lewis). He was the bridge to the media, standing between Robertson's mean-spirited and conspiracy-tinged rhetoric and the Coalition's mainstreaming efforts.

Reed was on the cutting edge of "big-tent" conservatism - initiating an ambitious, but under-funded effort to reach out to minorities and Catholic voters. Today, Reed runs his own political consulting outfit, was recently elected chairman of the Georgia Republican Party and is a key political advisor to President George W. Bush. Many political observers credit him with orchestrating the Religious Right's massive voter turnout that led to Bush's South Carolina primary victory, which ultimately turned the tide against Sen. John McCain.

These days the Christian Coalition is mired in financial problems and experiencing rapidly declining membership roles. It has been eclipsed by other more activist Christian right organizations. The Coalition's best days are behind them.

The CENCO dilemma

But Robertson the moneymaker is alive and well. Not long after he sold his Family Channel, the CENCO Refinery Co., an entity controlled by the Robertson Charitable Trusts, bought the former Powerine refinery located in Santa Fe Springs, California. Robertson claims that he was going to earmark the profits from this company for use by his charitable enterprises, including his "flying hospital," a jet with medical personnel who treat children in Third World Countries. Not one to be skeptical, nevertheless I'm reminded that over the years several investigative reports on Robertson's charitable enterprises have found that some of money raised was used for less-than charitable purposes.

Since he purchased the refinery, several obstacles have prevented the project from getting underway. These barriers, Robertson claims, has cost him tens of millions of dollars.

Early on, Communities for a Better Environment (CBE), a twenty-three year old environmental health and justice organization with over 20,000 members throughout California got involved. CBE charged that Robertson's plans to reopen the 65-year-old refinery located southeast of downtown Los Angeles would "endanger the health and perhaps even the lives of tens of thousands of area residents - many of them children." CBE noted that the previous owners of the refinery, "paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines for safety and pollution violations." Located in a largely Latino community, the refinery eventually was shut down in 1995.


GOOGLE, huh? Nice. OK. Gold + Diamonds + Petroleum = Personal Salvation?

Friday, August 05, 2005

Know your BFEE: Oliver North, US Government Drug Dealer

The man who wrote the following was a DEA agent, stationed in Central America. Celerino "Cele" Castillo witnessed Ollie North's people unloading guns and loading cocaine for the trip North (no pun intended). The testimony also shows why the pukes hate the guy who has the goods on them -- John Kerry.

"Everything I did, I did for my country."

Leavenworth may not be the final destination of such holding the public trust...


By Celerino "Cele" Castillo, 3rd
Former Federal Drug Agent and Author of:
Powderburns- Cocaine, Contras & the Drug War


Several years ago, the extreme right arm of the Christian Coalition selected to support Oliver North for U.S. Senate. Their support backfired and North became one of two Republicans who lost the elections that year. During North's campaign, I traveled to the Virginia to educate concern citizens on Oliver North. I went out to "grassroots" communities, and educated them on the criminal activities that Oliver North had been involved in during the 1980s. I went as far as challenging North to a debate. Of course, he refused.

During his failed 1994 campaign, he frequently claimed that there was no basis for any charges of his complicity in drug running, because as he keeps saying, "I'm the most investigated man on this planet." The truth of the matter is that the Iran-Contra special prosecutor, Lawrence Walsh, never investigated the drug trafficking allegations, because he did not consider it part of his mandate. The special prosecutor's original mandate from Congress was defined very narrowly, concentrating on the Iranian arms sales, the "diversion" of funds from the Iranian arms sales to the Contra operation, and on the Contra support operation as a violation of U.S. law.

During all the misdirected hoopla about Iran-Contra, the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee (known as the "Kerry committee") continued its work. Jack Blum, an investigator for Senator Kerry, testified to the committee on Feb. 11, 1987 that the Contras move drugs "not by the pound, not by the bag, but by the ton, by the cargo planeloads."

In 1987, Henry Hyde, as a member of the congressional Iran-contra committee and a defense attorney, helped steer the panel away from any serious investigation of the contra-cocaine connection. His focus was to spare President Ronald Reagan and his vice president, George Bush from possible impeachment over the Iran-contra scandal and related drug crimes implicating the Nicaraguan contra army.


... as Traitors deserve worse. For those new to the subject, has an excellent bio with links on "America's Favorite Traitor."

Lt. Col. Oliver North, USMC (Ret

"Ollie" is, without question, America's favorite traitor. He helped the Reagan administration commit a bunch of felonies, then destroyed evidence as fast as he could before the Iran-Contra investigation got into full swing. But people just seem to adore the guy anyway, despite his continual lies and total disregard for the U.S. Constitution.

North once had a job sitting behind a desk in the bowels of Ronald Reagan's White House, working for the National Security Council. As Assistant Deputy Director for Political-Military Affairs, he managed the day-to-day operations of a clandestine agency operating completely outside the law, without any form of oversight whatsoever. According to North's sworn testimony, his primary effort was coordinating covert sales of weapons to the government of Iran, and then funneling those profits to buy weapons for the Contra army in Nicaragua.

The only problem is, those actions were completely illegal. The Boland Amendment banned the U.S. Government from funding the Contras. Ollie claimed that he had only been following orders, but that's bullshit. According to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, it is a soldier's duty to disobey illegal orders. (North spent a year in Vietnam. Is it possible that somehow he never heard of the My Lai Massacre?)

But North had the best possible reason to wipe his ass with the American flag: cash money. Ollie was buying his weapons through a business owned by Richard Secord, a retired Air Force Major General. In May of 1996, Secord stuffed $200,000 into a Swiss bank account earmarked for tuition fees for Ollie's children. The previous year, Secord had personally handed over thousands of dollars in cash.



There’s enough evidence to bust George Herbert Walker Bush and the rest of his right-wing stooges under the RICO Act (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act). /

Still. Don’t take my word for it. Let’s hear what the brave agents of the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) have to say.

Celerino “Cele” Castillo III

Celerino "Cele" Castillo, 3rd
Ex-DEA Agent

May 17, 2005

© Copyright 2005, From The Wilderness Publications, . All Rights Reserved. May be reprinted, distributed or posted on an Internet web site for non-profit purposes only.

For over a century, our government has made sure that we are never to be told the truth about anything that we have done to other people in third world countries, especially in Latin America. With the creation of the School of the Americas, a breeding ground for assassins, and the death squads, we have become the greatest human rights violators in the world.

We have become the most hated country in the world, not because we practice democracy or value our freedom. We are hated because our government denies these basic principles to these people. The hate has come back to haunt us in the form of terrorism, and as they say, once again, "the chickens have come home to roost" with our own homegrown American made terrorist, Luis Posada Carriles.

When I was posted in Central America as a DEA agent I saw Luis Posada and Felix Rodriguez, another American terrorist, at Illopango airport base in El Salvador. Joining them was a CIA asset Venezuelan advisor Victor Rivera. They had become part of what was known as a CIA apparatus that did not have to answer to anyone. They were involved in everything from drug trafficking to kidnapping to the training of the death squads. It was at the height of the Iran-Contra investigation that I had documented these atrocities to my government. I could not understand how our government had assisted in having Posada escape from a Venezuelan prison, and then placed him at Illopango airport as a CIA asset under the new name of Ramon Medina. He was now working hand in hand with then U. S. Lt. Col. Oliver North.

When I asked about Posada's presence at Illopango, I was once again told that it was a covert operation being run by the White House. I started to learn real fast that just about every time I questioned illegal action, I would be told that it was "a covert operation being run by the White House." And as we found out later, my allegations were facts; that became especially clear when, in 1990, President Bush Sr. pardoned another American-made terrorist, Posada's partner in crime: Orlando Bosch. To the degree that the "war on terror" is a response to actual terrorism, that terrorism is retaliation: the U.S. has exported death and violence to the four corners of the Earth with individuals like Posada and Bosch.

Posada admitted to a New York Times reporter that he organized a wave of bombings in Cuba in 1997 that killed an Italian tourist and injured others. However, he is best known as the prime suspect in the bombing of a Cuban Airlines flight in Barbados in October 1976. All 73 crewmembers and passengers including teenaged members of Cuba's national fencing team were killed.


Additional resources:

Well. Here’s to “Conspiracies In Action.”

Here’s what Michael Levine, DEA had to say about the organization started by Allen Dulles has brought tons of cocaine into the United States of America. Don’t worry, Mr. Conservative. It was at a profit.

Speaking of Capitalism’s Invisible Army:

Michael Levine Interview

by Paul DeRienzo

from THE SH@DOW - box 20298 - NY, NY 10009

Michael Levine is a veteran of 26 years of undercover work for four federal agencies. He is the recipient of many Justice and Treasury Department awards for hi s work undercover, including the International Narcotics Enforcement Officer Association's Octavio Gonzales Award. He is also the subject of Donald Goddard's book Undercover: The Secret Lives of a Federal Agent (Dell, 1990).

Joining the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) after discovering his brother's heroin addiction which eventually killed his brother, Levine was the most successful agent in DEA history. By 1977, he had made 3,000 drug arrests going undercover to set up buy and bust operations against New York City heroin and cocaine dealers. This led to his assignment as DEA station chief in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

By 1989, after having several of his operations stopped by higher ups who allowed his targets to get away, Levine quit the DEA in disgust. Levine then wrote the book Deep Cover (1990, Delacorte Press), describing his experiences that led to his leaving the DEA, exposing the government's phony "War on Drugs".

Levine tells a chilling story of treachery by members of his own agency, and the CIA, men Levine calls the ":suits" who he says use the War on Drugs as a cynical cover for covert foreign policy adventures. Levine says that since he began speaking out against the War on Drugs he has been threatened by high level DEA agents and has been the target of campaigns meant to discredit him.


Additional resources:

So. There we have it. No evidence of conspiracy, as importing cocaine is a matter of national policy.

Well. Hector Berrellez would arrest you if he caught you. He’s another good guy.

Gary Webb



I had been thinking about looking into the claim that during the civil war in Nicaragua in the eighties, the CIA helped move dope to the United States to buy guns for the contras, who were mounting an insurrection against the leftist Sandinistas. So I called up Hector Berrellez, a guy who worked under Mike Holm in Los Angeles, a guy known within the DEA as its Eliot Ness, and he said, "Look, the CIA is the best in the world. You're not going to beat them; you're never going to get a smoking gun. The best you're going to get is a little story from me."


After a while, the San Jose Mercury News series disappeared except on a few byways of the Internet, Gary Webb was ruined, and things went back to normal. Things like Oliver North's diary entry linking dope and guns for the contras, like Carlos Lehder, a big Colombian drug dealer, testifying as a prosecution witness in federal court during the Noriega trial about the Medellín cartel's $10 million donation to the contras, like the entire history of unseemly connections between the international drug world and the CIA--all this went away, as it has time and time again in the past. A kind of orthodoxy settled over the American press that assumed Webb's work had been thoroughly refuted. He became the Discredited Gary Webb.


HECTOR BERRELLEZ STUMBLED ONTO GARY WEBB'S STORY YEARS before Gary Webb knew a thing about it. ….

In September 1986, Sergeant Tom Gordon of the Los Angeles sheriff's narcotics strike force pieced together intelligence about a big-time drug ring in town run by Danilo Blandón. A month later, on October 23, Gordon went before a judge with a twenty-page detailed statement documenting that "monies gained from the sales of cocaine are transported m Florida and laundered.,.. The monies are filtered to the contra rebels to buy arms in the war in Nicaragua." He got a search warrant for the organization's stash houses. On Friday, October 24, there was a briefing of more than a hundred law-enforcement guys from the sheriff's office, the DEA, the FBI. That was the same day that President Ronald Reagan, after months of hassle, signed a $100 million aid bill that reactivated a licit cash flow to the beleaguered contras. And on Monday, October 27, at daybreak, the strike force simultaneously hit fourteen L. A. area stash houses connected with Blandón.

That's where just another day in the life of Hector Berrellez got weird. Generally, at that early hour, good dopers are out cold; the work tends toward long nights and sleeping in. As Berrellez remembers, "We were expecting to end up with a lot of coke." Instead, they got coffee and sometimes doughnuts. The house he hit had the lights on, and everyone, two men and a woman, was up. The guy who answered the door said, "Good morning; we've been expecting you. Come on in." The house was tidy, the beds were already made, and the damn coffee was on. The three residents were polite, even congenial. "It was obvious," says Berrellez, "that they were told." The place was clean; all fourteen houses were clean. The only thing Berrellez and the other guys found in the house was a professional scale.

But there was a safe, and Berrellez got one of the residents to open it reluctantly. Inside, he found records of kilos matched with amounts of money, an obvious dope ledger, a photograph of a guy in flight dress in front of what looked to be a military jet, and photographs of some guys in combat. Hector asked the guy who the hell the people in the photographs were, and the guy said, "Oh, they are freedom fighters."


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And these guys knew Gary Webb, DUers may remember the Pulitzer-Prize winning reporter who was lauded for his groundbreaking series detailing how Contra-connected dealers got the inside track on the dope that eventually created the crack cocaine epidemic. Too bad what the government chose to “crack” down on was honest journalism, as protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution. Then it was only a matter of time before the rest of the Establishment press corpse piled on. Interesting expression: Kill a few birds with one stone.

Is that something? Three DEA agents who never knew of one another’s existence while they worked together in the federal government. There were united by something else, though. Each, after reporting drug dealing by Contras and other “protected organizations,” were left out to hang.

That’s un-American. Drug dealing to fund illegal wars? Gee. That’s Treason.

What are the names of those involved? We know a few: George Herbert Walker Bush, John Poindexter, Oliver North, Elliott Abrams, John Negroponte, Ted Shackley, to name a few. What's needed is a Grand Jury to investigate the actions of these drug-dealing, warmongering conspirators, for starters.

The CIA, the Contras and Crack Cocaine

The CIA planes brought guns, washing machines, gourmet food, and fancy furniture intto Colombia and took drugs back to the U.S.

by Dennis Bernstein and Robert Knight

One day in the early 1980s, Wanda Palacio watched a Hercules cargo plane roll to a stop on the tarmac of Barranquilla International Airport, located in the Andean foothills just off the azure waters of Colombia's northern coast. According to Palacio, the aircraft bore the markings of Southern Air Transport, a private airline formerly run by the United States' Central Intelligence Agency.

Palacio was in Barranquilla that day with her host, Jorge Luis Ochoa, to arrange a cocaine deal. At the time, Ochoa was known as Colombia's most ambitious drug lord.

As Palacio watched men in green uniforms remove two green military trunks out of the plane and onto a truck -- she would describe this scene later in an 11-page sworn statement to Congress -- her host explained his operation: The plane was a CIA plane, Ochoa told her, and he was "exchanging guns for drugs." The crew, he said, were CIA agents, and "these shipments came each Thursday from the CIA, landing at dusk. Sometimes they brought guns, sometimes they brought U.S. products such as washing machines, gourmet food, fancy furniture or other items for the traffickers which they could not get in Colombia." And each time, Ochoa told Palacio, "they took back drugs."

"Some of the people involved in drug smuggling are present or past agents of the Central Intelligence Agency."